Destination Wedding Invitation : Sun Valley

When designing a custom wedding invitation suite, inspiration comes from many directions. Sometimes it’s a particular fabric or ribbon we find. Sometimes it’s a flower or image that is special to the couple. Many times, inspiration comes from the location of the wedding, which was the case for this wonderful weekend long destination affair in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Mount Baldy was to be the magnificent backdrop to Britt and Greg’s wedding ceremony, so what better way to introduce this beautiful event to their guests than with a custom sketch of the mountain?

champagne silk and blue sun valley idaho fabric wedding invitation

Not only did we use this custom graphic on their invitations, it also adorned their ceremony program and a truly amazing guide to Sun Valley the couple presented to their guests as part of the welcome bags at their hotels.

champagne blue sun valley idaho silk fabric wedding invitation

You can see more images of the invitation here and some highlights from the wedding here.

Fabric Inspiration : A Bali Wedding

I’m so excited to share a little peek at the invitation we’ve been working on in the studio this week!

This worldly couple currently lives in Hong Kong and is planning an amazing cliffside sunset wedding in Bali. She’s Korean American, he’s Chinese Singaporean, and their guests will be flying in from all over the world! In speaking with our bride, it was clear she was drawn to the deep blues and greens of the ocean and that she wanted their invitations to reflect either a little bit of their Asian heritage or a little bit of Bali–without being clichĂ©d in any way. She and her fiancĂ© both love clean, contemporary design and were initially drawn to our [Viceroy invite](

It sounds like a lot to incorporate into one invitation, but I just LOVE designing for couples who really want their invites to reflect themselves and their upcoming event…and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to find this beautiful Asian-inspired fabric!

bali blue fabric wedding invitation inspiration

Credits (clockwise from top left): Wikimedia Commons; Khayangan Estate; Laura Ivanova Photography via Style Me Pretty; Bali Shopping.

The deep blue, teal, and gold make me think of sun-kissed ocean waves, and the subtle metallic outlines bring a level of tradition and sophistication to an otherwise modern-looking fabric. From there, we decided to bring in the hydrangeas that will be used throughout her event for her printed pieces–but with a slight Balinese wood carving twist–and we were off and running!

Coming soon…the actual invitations!