DIY : Holiday Gift Wrapping with Burlap and Gilded Accents

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to put together a gift wrap DIY using some of our favorite materials. Keep reading to see how we’ve incorporated burlap, yarn, ribbons, lace, and gilded accents into our holiday gifts!

burlap, satin, and gold leaves gift wrap DIY


  • neutral wrapping paper (we used simple packing paper)
  • assorted ribbons and yarns also in neutral shades (we used linen, silk, grosgrain, satin, and lace ribbons all within the cream, taupe, and gray families)
  • burlap
  • twine
  • plastic yarn needle
  • various dried leaves, acorns, and twigs
  • liquid gilding (we used Martha Stewart’s liquid gilding in gold)
  • paint brush
  • double-sided tape

DIY Holiday Gift wrap in neutral colors.


STEP ONE:  Begin by painting your natural elements with the liquid gilding. This way, they will have time to dry while you complete the rest of your wrapping.

DIY gift wrapping using gold gilding

STEP TWO:  Wrap your gifts using neutral wrapping paper.

STEP THREE:  Wrap bands of ribbon, yarn, or burlap around your gift, securing each band on the bottom of your gift either by tying (for yarn) or using double-sided tape. You can create the look of very wide bands of ribbon through layering. For instance, for this gift, we first wrapped 2 bands of linen ribbon (A), then 2 bands of gray grosgrain (B), then wrapped yarn around the middle (C). We topped this all off with a cream satin bow.

gold gilded leaves holiday gift wrap DIY

STEP FOUR:  When your gilded elements are dry, weave them through your layers of ribbon to create lovely golden accents to your gifts!

pretty holiday gift wrapping in neutral tones


This one’s a little challenging, but oh so worth it!

Pretty DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas. Satin ribbon braid on burlap fabric.

STEP ONE:  Cut your burlap strip to the size needed to wrap around your present. Cut your length of satin ribbon to be roughly double the length of your burlap, then thread your ribbon through your yarn needle.

STEP TWO:  From the top right side of where your braid will begin, pull the ribbon from back to front (1). As you’re pulling the ribbon through, make sure to leave enough at the end to later wrap around the box. Pull the needle and ribbon diagonally down towards the center of the burlap (2), and pull through to the back. This “stitch” of ribbon should be snug but still poofy. Then, bring the needle up on the left side of the burlap strip, equal in height to your first stitch (3), then back down just to the right of the first center stitch so the center part of the stitches overlap (4).

braiding satin through burlap for an elegant, rustic gift presentation.

STEP THREE:  Continue weaving and “braiding” until your braid is the desired length. When you are done braiding, both ends of the ribbon will be dangling along the back of the burlap. You’ll want to pull both ends of the ribbon back to the front so they can wrap around the present. (Note:  you’ll have to take off your yarn needle and rethread the ribbon from the beginning of your braid to poke it back through to the front.)

STEP FOUR:  Tie your gilded ornament to one end using twine. The final braided ribbon should look something like this:

DIY present wrapping with burlap.

STEP FIVE:  Secure the burlap and satin ribbon around your present using double-sided tape.

gold gilded acorns, leaves and twigs for beautiful gift wrapping details.


After that satin and burlap braid, this one’s a cinch!

DIY burlap and ribbon pom pom, the perfect gift topper.

STEP ONE:  Cut all of your ribbon scraps to approximately the same length.

STEP TWO:  Layer all of the ribbon pieces on top of each other, fanning them out a bit so you can see every scrap.

DIY burlap and ribbon pom pom, the perfect gift topper.

STEP THREE:  Wrap the twine around the center a few times and tie in a tight knot.

STEP FOUR:  Poof up your pom pom, and tie it around your present!DIY burlap and lace bow for holiday gift wrapping

DIY : Fabric Scrap Letters

As you might imagine, we just may have some extra fabric laying around our studio, and if you do, too, here’s a fun DIY that’s simple yet packs a big, beautiful punch! DIY Scrap Fabric Letter Decoration by Blue Magpie Invitations.
Depending on the fabrics you choose, your project can be anything from the centerpiece of an awesome wedding dessert table, to baby nursery decor, to a welcoming wreath on your front door. You can even get ambitious and try for a monogram or perhaps a whole name!

Handmade Fabric Monogram by Blue Magpie Invitations.
Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to make your own fabric scrap letter. Our “B” is 24” X 15”, and we’ve given you materials and quantities based on this letter. You can adjust your materials and make yours bigger, smaller, or skip the letter altogether and make a heart or other shape instead!


  • 20” X 30” X ½” foam board (available at Michael’s or other craft store)
  • ~ 1 yard of a neutral fabric (we used a sand-colored linen) to cover the letter form
  • ~ 3 yards total of coordinating fabrics torn or cut into squares and rectangles (we used five different fabrics plus a lace)
  • ~ 7 yards of 1.75″ wide lace ribbon (you can use whatever ribbons you have on hand, a mix of different colors is fun, too!)
  • serrated knife (serrated is better at “sawing” through the foam board)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • a strong glue (like E6000)
  • ruler
  • thumbtacks

Handmade Scrap Fabric Letter tutorial by Blue Magpie Invitations.

STEP ONE: Cut out your letter. The simplest way to do this is to sketch your letter onto the foam board with a pencil. Don’t worry too much about getting it absolutely perfect as the letter will be covered in fabric and then adorned with scraps. Another option, if you have access to Illustrator and a printer, is to open a document as large as your printer will print and then make your letter as large as you’d like. If your letter is bigger than the printable area, move it around on the artboard and print it out in sections. Make sure to overlap some portions of the letter, so it will be easy to piece and tape the individual pages together on your foam board.

DIY Scrap Fabric Letter Tutorial by Blue Magpie Invitations.
Once your letter form is on your board, carefully cut the letter out with a serrated knife using a gentle sawing motion.

STEP TWO: Tear or cut your fabrics and ribbons. I love to use linen or printed cotton for this project because they are the easiest to tear and you get lovely, frayed edges. All you do is make a small snip with your scissors and rip away! If you’re using a different type of fabric or ribbon that doesn’t tear so well, just cut. First, tear or cut the neutral fabric you are using to cover the letter into approximately 3” wide strips. Next, tear or cut the other fabrics or ribbons into various square and rectangular sizes. Keep them somewhere in the 3” to 4” range, but aim to vary them a little bit. These absolutely do not need to be perfect! In fact, it’s better if there’s a lot of variation because it will allow each fabric to show through when they are layered.

DIY Fabric Letter by Blue Magpie Invitations.
STEP THREE: Wrap your letter. Take your neutral fabric strips and wrap the foam letter. There’s no nifty trick or secret to this; just start wrapping and aim to cover the entire letter, overlapping the fabric strips where needed. Use thumbtacks to keep the fabric in place.

Handmade Fabric Letter DIY by Blue Magpie Invitations.
STEP FOUR: Group your fabric swatches. Gather your swatches in groups of three or four and layer them on top of each other. Make sure to rotate the pieces so that they are not all lined up perfectly. Pin them together with a tack.

DIY Fabric Letter Monogram by Blue Magpie Invitations.
STEP FIVE: Pin the fabric layers to your letter. Starting from one corner, start tacking your fabric swatches to your foam letter. Squeeze a little dab of glue for each tack as you pin it down. As you move along, pin each new bundle of fabric close to the previous bundle.

How to make your own fabric letters. Tutorial by Blue Magpie Invitations.
The closer you pin each bundle, the more dense your fabric letter will be (and the more fabric you’ll need). At a minimum, keep your pins close enough that fabric folds keep your thumbtacks hidden. Keep pinning fabric bundles until the front of your letter is completely covered.

DIY Scrap Fabric Letter by Blue Magpie Invitations.

Voila! And there you have it, your very own fabric scrap letter! And if you’d like a little help getting started, we’ve put together some DIY kits in our Etsy shop with beautiful color-coordinated bundles of fabric and ribbon to get you that much closer to having a personal, handmade addition to your home or event!

DIY : Stamped Linen Favor Bags

We designed a couple wedding phrase rubber stamps to go with our Vintage Floral Invitations and thought it would be fun to show you how easy it is to create unique and thoughtful wedding favors for your guests.

To Have and To Hold wedding stamp by Blue Magpie Invitations.

I always love it when couples choose a favor that is both useful and has a personal touch, such as sharing a gift of their favorite teas or coffees!

Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to make these lovely linen favor bags, complete with spoon holder for scooping—perfect for guests waking up after a magical night celebrating at your wedding reception!

DIY stamped linen favor bags by Blue Magpie Invitations


  • 4″ x 6” muslin favor bags (we found ours here)
  • Rubber stamp (we used one of our own designs that can be found in our Etsy shop)
  • Ink pad (any color you like, we used this one)
  • 5/8” ribbon cut to 9” strands (we chose a color to match our ink)
  • Scissors with very sharp tips
  • Paper clip
  • Whole bean coffee and/or your favorite tea (we love this rose tea from American Tea Room)
  • Mini wooden spoons (ours are 5” long; you can find similar ones here)

DIY stamped linen favor bags tutorial by Blue Magpie Invitations


STEP ONE: Stamp each linen bag. We like using pigment ink because the color is more saturated and has better coverage. Let it dry for about an hour. Then, we suggest running a hot iron over each stamped image to set the ink and avoid smearing.

DIY stamped linen favor bags by Blue Magpie Invitations

STEP TWO: Fold the linen bag in half and at about 5/8th of an inch in from the edge, use one tip of the scissors to poke a small hole through all four layers of fabric. Make sure not to make the hole too big. Having a small hole keeps any loose tea or coffee from falling out and it also gives the ribbon a pretty gathered look.

Vintage linen favor bags by Blue Magpie Invitations

STEP THREE: Unroll your paper clip leaving one end still folded in. You want it to serve as a hook to pull the ribbon through the hole. Pierce the unrolled paper clip through one side of the ribbon. On one side of the bag, pull the paper clip and ribbon through both holes. Since the hole is small this may require some gentle pulling, but try not to pull too fast or forcefully because it may tear a bigger hole.

DIY stamped linen favor bags by Blue Magpie Invitations

STEP FOUR: Pull paper clip and ribbon around the edge to the other side of the bag and pull the ribbon through the opposite holes.

STEP FIVE: Your paper clip and ribbon should now be inside the bag. You can either tie a knot with both ends of the ribbon inside the bag, or quickly run the ends through a sewing machine to secure them.

Vintage favor bags by Blue Magpie Invitations

STEP SIX: Fill your bag with coffee beans or tea and put your wooden spoon inside either side of the holster.

Linen favor bags filled with coffee or tea by Blue Magpie Invitations

And there you go! Perfectly adorable and personal wedding favors! To add an additional personal touch, you can always place a little note inside each one or even have custom rubber stamps made with your names and wedding date.

Or how about “His Favorite Coffee” and “Her Favorite Tea”?

Or “The Perfect Blend”?

Or “Hot Stuff” and your names?

Okay, I’m clearly having too much fun with this…you get the idea!