Fabric Details: The Guestbook

Our love for fabrics doesn’t just stop at wedding invitations. There are so many beautiful and creative ways to incorporate your invitation fabric into your wedding details. We’ve shared with you ideas for using the fabric for bridesmaids clutches and bowties, but what about something that everyone can enjoy: the guestbook!

If you’re a traditional bride, you’ll love these guestbooks from scatoli.

floral fabric wedding guestbook to perfectly match your fabric wedding invitations!

For the more adventurous bride, how about bunting wedding guestbook from PostmansKnock?

fabric wedding guestbook to match your fabric wedding invitations!

And for the bride who truly thinks outside the box, FYAfabricart offers something beautiful and unique: the Guestbook Quilt!

A wedding guestbook in the form of a quilt! Use the same fabric you used for your wedding invitations!

You and your love can cuddle up with this for years to come.

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