Fabric Inspiration : Lavender & Light Blue Rustic Wedding

I am just so excited for the fabric wedding invitation we’re designing for a wedding in the Trinity Alps next May. From my first conversation with the bride, I knew Elle had the most wonderful inspiration for her rustic, mountain wedding and was very flattered she chose us to help her with her invitations.

As we spoke, she kept bringing up amazing detail after amazing detail—from antique glass jars for her centerpieces, to using wine barrels in the decor, to incorporating driftwood and burlap and other natural and rustic details, and yes, to growing her own flowers! She introduced me to a beautiful bloom, “love in the mist” (can there be a better name for a wedding flower?), that she plans to grow along with some lovely lavender.

In discussing her dream invitation, Elle mentioned that she wanted a soft, muted blue or lavender fabric with a very organic, natural pattern that we would then adorn with natural details like burlap or raffia and maybe even a feather or some lace. I was thrilled to find this amazing fabric for her—perfect color with lacy flower details reminiscent of the delicate blooms she loves—and we’re off and running!

lavender blue rustic cotton fabric wedding invitation inspiration

Credits (clockwise from top left): b.burky photography via Pinterest; Darwin Bell via Pinterest; Tinywater via Design Sponge; Thayer Allison Gowdy via Kiss the Groom.

Red Silk Indian Wedding Invitations

One of my dream projects has always been to create fabric wedding invitations for an Indian wedding. After all, the glorious textiles and vibrant colors just call out for fabric invites! So I was thrilled when a client said she was ordering some sari fabric from India for us to use on her wedding invitations!

Sadly, we soon found out that the fabric just wasn’t going to get here in time, but that didn’t matter… I was able to find her some beautiful deep red and gold metallic woven ribbon to match the deep red silk she chose.

fabric wedding invitation in gold and red silk for Indian wedding

And we paired that with some amazing gold foil printed pieces accented with a ruby red Swarovski crystal.

red fabric wedding invitation with gold foil for Indian wedding

Despite having to change up the design a little bit, I think we ended up with some pretty amazing Indian fabric wedding invitations! You can see more images of the invitation here and photos from the wedding here.