Swatch Collage : Baby Fabrics…for Me!

Hello blog! It’s been months since I last posted, which just means there’s a healthy backlog of beautiful fabrics, custom invitations, and fun news to share in the coming weeks.

The first big piece of news is that in about three months, I will be a mommy! Yup, we are finally joining the world of happy parents out there, which is huge and very exciting.

And of course, me being me, what am I really excited about right now? Picking out fabrics for the baby room! I’ve been browsing tons of beautiful nursery inspirations, numerous huggable fabrics, yummy color palettes, and this is what I’ve landed on…at least for now.

Though I will be taking some time off with the new baby, we do still have limited availability to work on a couple more custom designs before I turn into a pumpkin toward the end of April…so definitely let me know if you’ve been eyeing some fabric invitations for your upcoming event!

7 thoughts on “Swatch Collage : Baby Fabrics…for Me!

  1. congrats jeannine, itsa wonderful room and i am sure the nursery would be looking amazing . i ve 3 months to plan my nursery and invites and will be bugging u soon.have u ever designd a small box personalised to send out sweets to friends which is a tradition???
    i ve no idea what i am having ………but if u have ideas i m interested!!!!!

  2. Thanks, everyone, for your interest in these fabrics! For any future readers, they are…
    Ty Pennington, Impressions, Blossom in Chartreuse
    Daiwabo House Designer, Tiny Tip Top, Tiny Elephants in Slate/Ivory
    Premier Prints Sheeting Gisella in Chartreuse/White
    And two from David Textiles House Designer, Claire Bella collection
    Since I pulled this collage together a while ago, I’m not sure if all these fabrics are still available, but I hope this helps!

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